Special Update! We are working more and more with the East Side Church and will be having some services in their building, and some in ours. If you are planning a visit, please contact us to find out where we will be on a given Sunday. Thank you!

Sunday June 23rd we will be at Ariel-Foundation Park, First-Knox Bank Pavilion, 10:30 am


Letting Christ's Light Shine Through Us!

Sunday Worship: 10:30am & 5:00pm          Sunday Bible Study: 9:30am         Wednesday Bible Study: 7:00pm

The Church of Christ in Mount Vernon first organized in 1918. Its original membership consisted of Mr and Mrs Ira Earnest, Mr and Mrs William Norris, Everett Hickerson, Mr and Mrs Ray Comstock, William Dailey, Mrs Bernice Newman, Mrs Ella Woods and Mrs Nathan McDonald.

The church first met in a hall on the east side of the square over the present AAA offices. Later it became necessary to meet around town in various homes. Then the church for a period of time met on the west side of the square in a hall. On November 27th, 1926 the brethren took the first step towards a permanent meeting place by securing land at 211 Pine Street . A one room structure was erected and served as the meeting house for the Elmwood Church of Christ until September 4, 1948 when the property was sold for $4500.00.

A new and larger meeting house was already partially erected at 214 Martinsburg Road. The land for the building was donated by Everett and Fern Hickerson in 1947. The surrounding lots were purchased May 4th, 1948 to provide parking space. The congregation met in the basement of the new building until the winter of 1952 when the floor was completed. This building and property served the congregation well. As 1974 drew to a close it became obvious another move would soon be necessary. Realizing the problem, the congregation purchased 6.07 acres of land on the north east corner of Newark and Glen Roads at a cost of $35,000. This property was purchased on December 9th, 1974 and the present building constructed under the name of Newark Road Church of Christ.

Men who have served as Elders include William Norris, William Dailey, Elmer Peddicord, Everett Hickerson, Russell Bilyeu, Lloyd Conger, Robert Coogle, Roy Bayliss, William Hickerson, Jules Bernard, Arnold Hickerson, Preston McCollum, Larry Dayton, Wendell McCoy, Jeff Fry, Dale Gallogly and Brad Van Hoose. 

Evangelists who have served the congregation include Oliver Johnson, Don Fugitt, Charles Degenhart, John Ford, Edgar Beagle Jr., Merle Alberts, Glenn Gleim, Russell Howard, Terry Christopher, Bob Guillo, Andy Jooste, and Tyler Smith. Currently serving our congregation is Ben Driver.

Significant programs have been conducted in our history. Radio Broadcasting started in 1955, dial a devotion in 1972 and one of the most ambitious and successful ventures was our bussing program which began on October 1974. Many of the community have benefited from our benevolence assistance.  Outreach programs focusing on evangelism continue as a major effort to reach the whole community with the gospel of Christ.